Thursday, July 26, 2007

The finish line in sight...

I finally got the supplies for the big project for my swap (well, most of them - they said the last bit would be in today, but I had a flat so I couldn't get to the store before it closed), so I can get going on that. I'm about done with most of the other projects, I keep having to make lists on little bits of paper to keep track of them, though. I keep thinking I need one more project, but I've got all three, plus a little something for my partner's hubby, and a couple of little store-bought goodies to round things off.

I'm mostly excited because all four projects are projects/techniques I've never done before, so my partner's going to be completely surprised. Hopefully in a good way.

Even at my current pace, I still need to pick things up. One person in the swap's already sent, and though we've got two weeks, I can feel the deadline looming as my free time dwindles. On the bright side, the dwindling free time is because I've already gotten a nibble on one of my job applications. So, fingers crossed on all counts.

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