Monday, October 17, 2011

Moving Recovery

Some of the most currently needed items still missing from the move:

  • All of my Inspector Morse novels (which wouldn't be so big of a problem if I hadn't recently discovered how many people I need to lend them to)
  • All of my guitar picks 
  • At least one knitting magazine with the pattern for a current project
  • My electronic tuner (yes, yes, there are places on the internet to get a pitch to tune, but it's not always convenient)
  • My computer speakers
  • A pair of brown clogs
  • My husband's dress shoes (though he got another pair that I think he actually found more comfortable)
  • At least two camera batteries, still in the package
Many other things have been noted as missing as well, but I've realised I need to start keeping track of what's missed so that I know what *hasn't* been missed (and thus can get sold off).  On the bright side, I did find my Red Wings jersey (after missing it for about three years) just in time for the weather cooling off.