Saturday, October 16, 2010

Milliput FTW! (part one)

I've been having a lot of fun with a little sculpture and miniature painting lately, and I finally decided to buy myself some epoxy putty for a project I have in mind (no details yet, it's a seeeeeeeeecret!).  I went with some Milliput (the standard grey-green), and started off with a couple of smaller projects to get the feel for working with it.

The tentacle is a sculpt of my own - I've been working on some small casts to be used as game pawns/miniatures, and this one came out with a couple of big air bubbles.  I've filled them in with the Milliput, and I'm going to paint it up as a sample piece.

The ghost is Reaper mini #03342, which I absolutely love, but I was a little worried that in actual gameplay with other miniatures on the map, he might prove to be a little top-heavy.  So I've covered a poker chip with Milliput, and pressed a brickwork texture plate into it.  Should prove to be a good stable base, and I can't believe that I actually had a brick texture handy (and I'm so glad I remembered I had it before I drew the whole thing in with a bamboo skewer). 

I'm really pleased with the Milliput so far - it's what I always thought Sculpey should handle like (and may handle like, for those with colder hands).  It's both firm and easily sculpted, easy to prepare, easy cleanup, didn't stain or irritate my hands, and generally seems to do what I want it to.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it takes paint and handles some finish sanding after it's cured.

Also, if you're into signs from above, as I was waiting in line to purchase it, a lady came up and handed me a coupon for 40% off my purchase.  Certainly didn't hurt things.