Thursday, July 26, 2007

The finish line in sight...

I finally got the supplies for the big project for my swap (well, most of them - they said the last bit would be in today, but I had a flat so I couldn't get to the store before it closed), so I can get going on that. I'm about done with most of the other projects, I keep having to make lists on little bits of paper to keep track of them, though. I keep thinking I need one more project, but I've got all three, plus a little something for my partner's hubby, and a couple of little store-bought goodies to round things off.

I'm mostly excited because all four projects are projects/techniques I've never done before, so my partner's going to be completely surprised. Hopefully in a good way.

Even at my current pace, I still need to pick things up. One person in the swap's already sent, and though we've got two weeks, I can feel the deadline looming as my free time dwindles. On the bright side, the dwindling free time is because I've already gotten a nibble on one of my job applications. So, fingers crossed on all counts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Just had to share

Got the latest issue of New Avengers - in case anyone was wondering, apparently the sound of being hit in the head with Wolverine is 'chuck'.

That's right, not 'by Wolverine', 'with Wolverine'.

I suspect that several pages of next issue will be devoted to getting Dr. Strange to wake up, as I imagine getting hit in the head with Wolverine hurts like hell, even if you're the Sorcerer Supreme.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A break from crafting

So, I needed a break to get my long-distance vision back after all the close-up crafting, so we went out to see Transformers.

Holy Crap.

Halfway through the movie, my hands went tingly from overexposure to pure weapons-grade awesomeness.

I officially forgive DreamWorks for Mouse Hunt.

Some people compain, I know, that the movie is like a two-hour GM commercial - to them, I say "Did you not know you're watching a movie based on a cartoon based on a toy line that started out as resprayed Japanese Diaclone figures?" (and it was way more subtle than the sudden Chrysler ad in the middle of Fantastic Four) Hell, as far as I'm concerned, it was perfectly keeping in spirit with the series. The only improvement I can think of would have been if my model of car had been one of the Autobots ;D

Seriously - two of my friends have Scion Xbs, and it's something of an ongoing battle of coolness. Being able to go 'HA! My car's an Autobot!' totally would have won. Really, they should do the toy line to cover the entire GM product line. I'd buy one. Several, probably. I really love my car. And Transformers.

I'm totally painting over that crappy sports team logo in my garage with the Autobot insignia.

And I'm Off...My Rocker

Finally got my ducks in a row supply-wise, and I'm crafting away. Part of my problem was figuring out the right names for the supplies I needed >_< . Turns out one of the supplies wasn't at Radio Shack at all - I had to go look for fencing supplies instead (the kind with swords). I had to order a few things online, but I've got backup plans should their shipping be delayed - helped me get up the minimum order for some other things I needed to buy, too.

So far, I'm really pleased with what I've got done. I was a litttle worried at first about pulling it off, but it's *adorable* - I've been running around like an idiot making everyone in the general vicinity ooh and ahh over my handiwork (and for that matter, my eyesight). Sooooooo excited to be able to show off the finished products. I can see that my big problem with this swap will be keeping myself from going overboard.

Damn this free time!

I guess I should get to work on some etsy stuff as well - every little bit helps, I suppose.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Getting my craft on

Got my swap partner last night - waiting for a little more info from her before I get too far into the crafting, but I've got a huge list of ideas to pare down ;)

I'm actually a little concerned that some of the ideas may be forcibly pared down by my amazing Frank Lloyd Wright-like knack for coming up with projects that evidently aren't technically feasible. I'm pretty sure it can be done, I just don't seem to know the right name for the materials to find a place to buy them. Or maybe the people at my local Radio Shack are just idiots and don't know what the hell I'm talking about. It's a toss up.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Keeping Busy

I got a great deal on some chunky Wool-Ease, so I thought I'd whip up a sweater for myself. I started this Monday, the picture is from last night.

Chunky wool + big needles = fast sweater, I suppose. It's my own pattern, so fingers crossed that it turns out okay. Damn, I need a better camera.

The signups for the Dr. Who/Torchwood swap close tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to getting my partner and getting my craft on. I've already gotten a full page of craft ideas, and I'm starting a little preliminary post-stalking to get an idea of anything that would go over universally well.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Kicking it Old School


I get woken up this morning by my manager calling to tell me that the owner heard I was applying for other jobs, so he's firing me for being 'unhappy' (a direct quote). Because apparently, being unemployed was supposed to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure I know the *actual* reason he fired me, but I can't prove anything in that direction so I don't want to put anything out there in words.

So, after going around a few places and handing out resumes, I got stuck in to tearing out the Room of Evil in my basement. Very therapeutic. I put on my wellies, the boy got out his fully functional German War Hammer, and the two of us just started beating/kicking the everliving f*** out of the basement walls.

On the bright side, I can really focus on my artwork and stuff for etsy now, and I just signed up last night for another Dr. Who swap. Onwards and upwards.