Monday, April 04, 2011


Honestly, sometimes I think the main reason I go to the Asian market is to get the Chinese-language newspapers for craft projects:

I don't even remember how I originally found out about this technique, but there's great instructions over on A Pretty Penny if you want to try it yourself.

This was a good test run, but I think I need to use a more opaque color as my base - the yellowish orange was the only non-metallic nail polish I had handy that was light enough for the newsprint to show up on, and it took three coats over a layer of nail strengthener to get it this opaque.  It's an unfortunate phone book yellow, too.

Other important things to remember for next time - cut the newsprint into little bits first so I don't have to scrub ink off the backs of my fingers, and don't press so hard that bits of paper transfer as well.  The paper bits are transparent after a clear topcoat, but they do add a bit of unwanted texture to my nails.