Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spaced Stripe Scarf

This scarf is something I've been carrying around as my lunchtime project for a while, and even though it's a fairly simple stitch pattern everyone seems to like it so much, I thought I'd put up a pattern.

  • Worsted weight yarn, 190 yards each of a self-striping yarn and a solid contrast yarn (in a color that's not part of the striping pattern). You may need more if you want fringe on your scarf.
  • Size 10 US (6mm) knitting needles.
Cast on 31 stitches with striped yarn.

Mistake Rib: *[k2, p2] repeat from * until 3 stitches remain, k2, p1.

Work two rows in Mistake Rib using striped yarn.
Work two rows in Mistake Rib using solid yarn.

Continue, alternating colors every two rows until yarn runs out.

For a tidier edge when changing yarns, bring the yarn you are about to use up from under the yarn you have just finished using.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I like the sort of fake wave pattern the mistake rib makes. The colors turned out pretty great on this.