Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A break from crafting

So, I needed a break to get my long-distance vision back after all the close-up crafting, so we went out to see Transformers.

Holy Crap.

Halfway through the movie, my hands went tingly from overexposure to pure weapons-grade awesomeness.

I officially forgive DreamWorks for Mouse Hunt.

Some people compain, I know, that the movie is like a two-hour GM commercial - to them, I say "Did you not know you're watching a movie based on a cartoon based on a toy line that started out as resprayed Japanese Diaclone figures?" (and it was way more subtle than the sudden Chrysler ad in the middle of Fantastic Four) Hell, as far as I'm concerned, it was perfectly keeping in spirit with the series. The only improvement I can think of would have been if my model of car had been one of the Autobots ;D

Seriously - two of my friends have Scion Xbs, and it's something of an ongoing battle of coolness. Being able to go 'HA! My car's an Autobot!' totally would have won. Really, they should do the toy line to cover the entire GM product line. I'd buy one. Several, probably. I really love my car. And Transformers.

I'm totally painting over that crappy sports team logo in my garage with the Autobot insignia.

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