Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And I'm Off...My Rocker

Finally got my ducks in a row supply-wise, and I'm crafting away. Part of my problem was figuring out the right names for the supplies I needed >_< . Turns out one of the supplies wasn't at Radio Shack at all - I had to go look for fencing supplies instead (the kind with swords). I had to order a few things online, but I've got backup plans should their shipping be delayed - helped me get up the minimum order for some other things I needed to buy, too.

So far, I'm really pleased with what I've got done. I was a litttle worried at first about pulling it off, but it's *adorable* - I've been running around like an idiot making everyone in the general vicinity ooh and ahh over my handiwork (and for that matter, my eyesight). Sooooooo excited to be able to show off the finished products. I can see that my big problem with this swap will be keeping myself from going overboard.

Damn this free time!

I guess I should get to work on some etsy stuff as well - every little bit helps, I suppose.

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