Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The lost weekend...


Between the flat tire and the miserable cold I picked up Thurdsay night (I blame the neighbor children), I got nothing useful done this weekend. Well, one useful thing - I got a new tire, after two days of calling around for the best price and to make sure I got one with the right profile and tread (go ahead, ask me what kind of tires my car takes - I dare you).

Between the ever-approaching deadline and the difficulty I had finding one of the supplies, I got nothing done on my swap items because I couldn't chance messing something up under the influence of cold medicine. And of course, the same went for getting any work done on the house, only with the added perk of not having transportation readily available. Fortunately, I had enough of a lead time on my projects that I should be able to have everything finished up just in time for the deadline. I was looking forward to sending early for once, but oh well.

Also, I started in on a little knitting project to keep my hands busy, because I figured if I messed it up too badly due to general out-of-it-ness, at least I could fix it at my leisure. I've decided to reverse-engineer Ginny's shrug from the end of Order of the Phoenix. As it turned out, I even had yarn about the right color. I made a few sketches and I'm keeping copious notes, since if it turns out right, I'll certainly be sharing it. It's a dual adventure - I've never reverse-engineered a pattern before, and looking at my notes on the cable pattern, this will be the first chart I've ever had to do.

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