Monday, November 20, 2006

Wii Acquisition

I feel somewhat gleeful after hearing that certain people camped out overnight to get a Wii, while my fiance and I went out at about 8 am on the 19th and were home and playing by 11. There was a brief moment of worry when we saw the line, but as it turned out, they had 70 Wiis available. Our position in line?
Yep, that's right, number 37! (Face and company name obscured just in case, since he took the day off and I'm not sure if he told them the real reason or not). To give a more tangible idea of how long we were waiting:

This is all the further I got on my veteran's scarf - I cast on in the car, it was a 30-minute drive to the store and back. All in all, it just goes to show how well things can go when everyone stays calm. And now no-one has to suffer Wii-thdrawl on Turkey Day ;)

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katsai said...

well, must admit that i have absoloutley NO IDEA what this "wii" thing is... haha, but congratulations anyway!