Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Financial Dilemma

I've just completed my first self-designed piece (well, the first that wasn't just a bunch of rectangles sewn together), and I'm faced with a dilemma as I work on transcribing the pattern.

The part of me that likes to help people thinks I should go post it for all to see.

The part of me that likes those silly little things like coffee made by other people and having a full tank of gas in the car thinks I should draft it up nicely into PDF format and sell it for a dollar a pop.

And then that last little nagging voice says that it's a piece of crap that I'd have to pay other people to take off my hands. At least I can tell that one to **** off.


katsai said...

ok, so this is a difficult one... i think only you really know what you should do. I completley understand the need to pay the bills (aaarghhhh! its only the start of the month and i'm dreading the rest of december!), and also the wish to share and make happy.
Do you plan on making more of your own patterns? Maybe "share" this first one, asking for opinions and comments and "testers" etc, with a view to fine tuning for the next swish pdf one that you'll put up for sale :)
Congratulations on yoiuor new design, by the way, look forward to seeing the finished piece made from it ;P

Marina said...

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