Saturday, February 07, 2009

Somewhere, Ford Cruller is crying.

So...yesterday, I put on a pan of bacon to cook, set the timer for ten minutes, and went upstairs to grab my camera to take some pics for Etsy.

Good news is, apparently if something catches on fire, my oven shuts itself off and locks the door until it cools. It must have happened pretty fast, because the timer never actually went off, and the pan is perfectly fine, since I'd thought to line it with foil. The top three inches of the oven are not quite as happy:

Not to mention the door:

Thankfully, it's just the inner glass that's cracked, and as it turns out, this house has one seriously kick-ass attic fan.

It was only as the house was clearing out that we realized 'Wait, the house was so full of smoke, it looked like an 80's hair band music video...why is it so damned quiet?'. And thus we went out and bought new smoke alarms, having remembered that ours are wired into something that no longer works and we couldn't just slap new batteries in them.

In other news, I have had this German Technopop cover of 'Take Me Home Country Roads' stuck in my head for four days now. I've even managed to get it stuck in other people's heads. It may be the audio equipment of a computer virus. And it is made of awesome.

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