Monday, June 30, 2008

The fruits of my rummaging

So excited about the results of my thrift store rounds - the big winner of the day (not counting the furniture at my friend's garage sale) was an old ammo case I found at Salvation Army. It smells really strange inside - sort of like fireworks, but not quite. I thought maybe it was some other kind of munition, but the only one I could think of was cordite, and I've been informed that a) it smells more like marzipan, b) was mostly used by the British army, and c) doesn't seem to have been used since WWII. I seem to have just been reading too many pre-1940 books lately.

As a co-worker pointed out, it was probably used in Vietnam, so someone may have been storing 'smoking materials' in it as well as the ammo. But it doesn't have that 'art professor's office' smell, either. Doesn't really matter, since it's getting scrubbed out to within an inch of its life so I can use it as a lunchbox.

The other big 'woot' moment came from the cheap-ass Scrabble game I got. At first I thought I'd make something cool out of them for my Etsy store, but then I got to thinking, and I honestly think they'd sell better to just sell the tiles as supplies.

Oh, and someone from Geek Crafts spotted my Mona Kitty t-shirt on Craftster, and they're going to feature it on Wednesday! Happy happy joy joy! There's my ego satisfied for at *least* the rest of the week ^_^

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