Thursday, October 26, 2006

Low on cash, high on yarn

Ah, the irony - I need to vent to be able to continue working on the many many things I'm knitting for Christmas, yet I can't do it in person for fear of the future recipients overhearing. In non-specific terms, I'm working on:

  • Three scarves
  • Two chullo hats
  • Two pairs of wristwarmers/fingerless gloves
  • Lace shawl
  • Possibly a sweater vest
  • Possibly a cardigan
  • and of course, socks all around
Not to mention the cross-stitch...

Oh well, at least I should be gaining some closet space as a little extra Christmas present for myself...which will probably get filled right back up by all the crafty goodness people will get me for Christmas. I'm not sure if it's O.Henry or Sisyphus...........

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