Monday, March 05, 2007

Busy busy busy


As I come in sight of making the deadline for my craft swap, my boss had her baby so now I rush furiously to finish the baby jacket. Good thing I was already doing good on the swap. I probably could've just bought something for the little guy, but all of her other kids have stuff I knit for them, and besides, the general climate at work right now is in some deperate need of sucking up.

I love how the stuff for my swap is turning out - I just wish I'd had the time to drive out to the import store to pick up a few exotic sweets to tuck in the package, too. Maybe I can find someplace closer that sells them, but I've barely had time to pause to gas up my car lately, let alone go nosing through a specialty food shop. I hope my swap partner will be impressed - I feel bad that I'm not sending her very many items, but I've definitely gone for quality over quantity in this swap.